Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College

This Institution offers an MSEP discount.

*Tuition is based on 30 credits per academic year.

About Ivy Tech
Ivy Tech Community College is the nation's largest state-wide community college with single accreditation. While our students enjoy the benefits of a large institution, with 23 campuses throughout the state and an average class size of 22, students find personal attention close to home at Ivy Tech.
Ivy Tech Community College prepares Indiana residents to learn, live, and work in a diverse and globally competitive environment by delivering professional, technical, transfer, and lifelong education. Through its affordable, open-access education and training programs, the College enhances the development of Indiana’s citizens and communities and strengthens its economy.
MSEP Parameters

  • Open to legal residents of Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. The program will extend to residents of Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and Ohio should those states become participants.
  • Eligibility is available to applicants who are enrolling at Ivy Tech for the first time beginning spring 2010. Current or previously enrolled students are not eligible.
  • Limited to full-time students (enrolled for 12 or more hours per semester).
  • Out of state tuition will be reduced to 150% of in state tuition.
  • MSEP benefits can be applied to tuition only.
  • MSEP participants will be responsible for all fess associated with attendance at Ivy Tech.
  • Once a student is admitted to a program under the exchange agreement, that student shall continue to receive the discounted fee as long as he or she remains enrolled at the college.
  • With the exception of nursing, those qualified to participate in the MHEC-Midwest Exchange Program may chose to enroll in any program of study.
  • The Indiana Commission for Higher Education and each participating public college and university shall jointly establish a cap on the total number of students, who enroll each year through MSEP; this cap shall remain in effect unless changed by mutual agreement of the institution and the Commission. By state policy, students enrolled through MSEP shall not displace qualified Indiana residents.


What do I do next?

Connect with the MSEP point of contact listed below for more information and instructions on how to enroll in the discount program.

Ms. Seana Murphy
Assistant Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management

50 W Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46208
United States

Main Office Phone
(317) 921-4333
Direct Phone
(317) 916-7974