Wichita State University

*Tuition is only an estimate and actual rates may vary.
Please contact the campus for more details.

Undergraduate Tuition:
Estimated Undergraduate MSEP tuition*:
This Institution offers an MSEP discount

Incoming freshmen participating in the Midwest Student Exchange Program must:

  1. Have an ACT composite score of 21 or above OR an SAT of 1080.
  2.  Complete the pre-college curriculum prescribed by the Kansas Board of Regents with a minimum grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale. (Pre-college curriculum includes four units of English and math and three units of social science and natural science)
  3.  Enroll as a full-time student at Wichita State University in an MSEP- eligible degree bound major.
  4.  Be a legal resident of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota,Ohio or Wisconsin.
  5. (see WSU web pages for details on transfer students)

To qualify for MSEP as an undergraduate transfer with 24 credit hours or more, students must:

 1. Have a 2.50 cumulative GPA on all college transfer credits.
 2.Enroll as a full-time student at Wichita State University in an MSEP-eligible degree bound major.

To qualify for MSEP in a graduate program a student must:

  1. Be fully admitted to the MSEP-eligible graduate program of choice (see WSU web pages for graduate admissions requirements
  2. Enroll full-time in an MSEP-eligible graduate major (Note that graduate students who hold a Teaching, Research, or Staff graduate assistantship of 16 hours or more per week are not eligible for the MSEP tuition reduction.)
  3. Be a legal resident of one of the states listed above

Award: Tuition assessed at 150% of Kansas undergraduate and graduate rates (see WSU web pages for details).

Only students declaring a major in the fields listed below will be considered. Note that specific academic programs may have higher or additional requirements that students must meet in order to be admitted.

Programs Offered: 

Barton School of Business

  • Accounting (Major)
  • Business Administration (Master's)
  • Economics (MajorMaster's)
  • Economics-Real Estate (Major)
  • Entrepreneurship (Major)
  • Entrepreneurship-Real Estate (Major)
  • Finance (Major)
  • Finance-Real Estate (Major)
  • General Business (Major)
  • Human Resource Management (Major)
  • International Business (Major)
  • Information Technology and Management Information Systems (Major)
  • Management (Major)
  • Management Science and Supply Chain Management (Master's)
  • Marketing (Major)
  • Marketing-Real Estate (Major)

College of Applied Studies

  • Athletic Training (Major)
  • Art Education, PreK-12 (Major)
  • Biology, Secondary (Major)
  • Chemistry, Secondary (Major)
  • Counseling (Master's)
  • Early Childhood Unified (Major)
  • Earth and Space Science, Secondary (Major)
  • Educational Leadership (Master'sDoctorate)
  • Educational Psychology (Master's)
  • Elementary Education (Major)
  • English, Secondary (Major)
  • English/History, Middle Level (Major)
  • English/Math, Middle Level (Major)
  • English/Science, Middle Level (Major)
  • Exercise Science (MajorMaster's)
  • French, PreK-12 (Major)
  • History/Government, Secondary (Major)
  • History/Science, Middle Level (Major)
  • History/Mathematics, Middle Level (Major)
  • Learning and Instructional Design (Master's)
  • Math, Secondary (Major)
  • Math/Science, Middle Level (Major)
  • Music Education, PreK-12 (Major)
  • Physical Education, PreK-12 (Major)
  • Physics, Secondary (Major)
  • School Psychology (Specialist)
  • Spanish, PreK-12 (Major)
  • Special Education (Master's)
  • Sport Management (Major)
  • Teaching (Master's)

College of Engineering

College of Fine Arts

  • Art (Major)
  • Art History (Major)
  • Art-Painting (Master's)
  • Art-Ceramics (Master's)
  • Art-Printmaking (Master's)
  • Art-Sculpture (Master's)
  • Art-Photo Media (Master's)
  • Graphic Design (Major)
  • Media Arts: Animation (Major)
  • Media Arts: Audio Production (Major)
  • Media Arts: Filmmaking (Major)
  • Media Arts: Game Design (Major)
  • Music (Major)
  • Music Composition (Major, Master's)
  • Music Education (Major, Master's)
  • Music Instrumental (Major, Master's)
  • Music Performance (Major, Master's)
  • Music Special Education (Major, Master's)
  • Performing Arts: Dance Concentration (Major)
  • Performing Arts: Design and Technical Theatre Concentration (Major)
  • Performing Arts: Musical Theater Concentration (Major)
  • Performing Arts: Theatre Performance Concentration (Major)

College of Health Professions

  • Communications Sciences and Disorders (Major)
  • Health Management (Major)
  • Health Science (Major)
  • Medical Laboratory Science (Major)


  • Honors Baccalaureate (Major)

Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

*Missouri residents in several counties in the Kansas City area are eligible for resident rates at WSU. See here for more information.