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Undergraduate Tuition:
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Parameters for Participation in the Program (Undergraduate and Graduate Applicants)

• Students will be automatically considered for MSEP upon completion and review of their admissions application.

• Open to legal residents, as defined by Ball State University’s current residency policy, of Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The program will extend to residents of Iowa and South Dakota should those states become participants.

• Eligibility is available to applicants who are enrolling at Ball State for the first time beginning Fall 2009. Currently or previously enrolled students are not eligible. Illinois applicants who are enrolling at Ball State are eligible for the first time beginning Spring 2012. Ohio applicants who are enrolling at Ball State are eligible for the first time beginning Fall 2018.

• To be eligible, freshman applicants must have a 3.3 high school GPA or higher.

• To be eligible, Transfer students must have a 3.0 college GPA or higher and 15 transferrable credit hours, and graduate applicants a cumulative 3.0 undergraduate GPA from their baccalaureate institutions. 

• Limited to full-time degree seeking undergraduate students (enrolled for 12-18 hours per semester) and full-time graduate students (9 hours per semester - beginning Fall 2014).  A graduate student is not eligible for MSEP if they have any type of assistantship.

• Full time out of state tuition and student services fee will be reduced to 150% of the full time in state tuition and student services fee.

• MSEP benefits can be applied to tuition and student services fee only.

• MSEP participants are not eligible for the Presidential Scholarship, Ball State Scholarship, Distinction Scholarship, Impact Grant, Academic Distinction Scholarship, or the Ohio Reciprocity Discount.  

• MSEP participants will be responsible for all other fees such as health fee, technology fee, course fees, overload fees, etc.

• Once a student is admitted to a program under the exchange agreement, that student shall continue to receive the discounted fee as long as he or she remains in the program and maintains satisfactory academic progress, as required of financial aid recipients, regardless of the subsequent status of the participation agreement or the institution’s participation in the exchange program.

• MSEP eligibility requires 12 or more credits for undergraduate students (9 or more for graduate students). Online students are not eligible.

• Program pertains to on-campus tuition and student services fee only. Distance Education and off-campus tuition are not included in the program.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education and each participating public college and university shall jointly establish a cap on the total number of students, who enroll each year through MSEP; this cap shall remain in effect unless changed by mutual agreement of the institution and the Commission. By state policy, students enrolled through MSEP shall not displace qualified Indiana residents, i.e. MSEP students shall only be admitted into degree programs that have enrolled all qualified Indiana residents, who wish to pursue the program, and that still have capacity to enroll additional students.

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